Everything human evolves over time. This certainly applies to education and schooling styles. At first, children learned by simply listening to their teachers and trying to remember everything important. Later,various aidswere added to help them write down and record their knowledge.
malý student
– In the past, students would sit at their desks and write notes in chalk on the charts in front of them. Then the notes were sponged off again.
– Then came the classic school notebook, which we have to this day.
– Laptops and desktop computers were just added to the mix.
nástroj pro psaní a deník

Computers to a limited extent

However, the classic typed notebook has recently been replaced by laptop computers, which certainly make the task easier. But has it also become easier to learn and remember directly?
– According to some experts, no, and we need to go back to traditional notebooks and textbooks.
According to university teacher Dr. Martin Stransky (the real person, not the TV show),the human brain is directly programmed to learn from paper.By turning the page, underlining important parts of the text, and recognizing each line of writing, the brain makes better connections.
– In his opinion, people who learn from paper remember one-third more information.
práce na notebooku
There is certainly something to this. According to one study done on the subject, two hours of computer use is the limit; each additional hour means even less opportunity to learn something. It has been said that using only information from a computer will flatten the brain,rendering it unable to function as we would like it to in the future. Certainly, I am not suggesting that we throw away our laptops and computers and go back to our clay tablets. [33] However, there is no doubt that we need to take full advantage of the possibilities and use written and traditional paper textbooks as well.