If you work in a leadership position, you likely have the office to yourself. You\’ll have less fun discussing weekend news and experiences with your colleagues, but that\’s probably a better case. However, most employees share an office with someone. Whether it is one or two colleagues, or in the case of large offices, 50 people. But there is always at least a small corner that is yours alone.
poledne na budíku

What an office must not lack

A comfortable chair [21
The basics for sitting for a long time. If you are dissatisfied, do not hesitate to request a new one from your boss. However, remember to get up from your chair regularly and stretch on your way to the bathroom or kitchen for coffee or tea.

Easy-to-use desk
Have lots of drawers and storage space, preferably in an L-shape. In any case, try to keep things organized. Clutter will not make a good impression on either your co-workers or your boss.
– Decorate with flowers
It brightens up the space and immediately makes you feel better. Whether cut flowers or potted plants.
– Computer[33
– [34] Stationery [35] [36
Keep regular pencils, pens, highlighters, and fountain pens on hand.
– [38] Notepad [39] [40
It should come in handy for taking quick notes while on the phone or jotting down observations or comments from your supervisor. Also when you need to organize your thoughts or jot down tasks and priorities for the day.
slon s kávou
– [44] Calendar [45] [46
A wall or desk calendar reminds us of important daily deadlines, holidays, and co-workers\’ birthdays. Some people prefer calendars on their cell phones or computers.
– [48] Personal items [49] [50
Here, it depends a bit on the family situation. Some prefer pictures of family members or pets, children\’s products, a favorite mug to drink coffee from, a good luck charm or a ceramic figurine, etc.
– [52] Chest [53] [54
Carefully sorting and filing your papers so you don\’t have to look for something for a long time.