In the past, it was unthinkable to run for office, let alone be a manager. But the past remains the past. Today, women run businesses as regularly as men cook. But even in such a modern society, there are those who oppose women having an entrepreneurial spirit. In short, they want these women to stay at home with their stoves and their children. So how do you prove to such people that you are good at what you do?
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It still holds true that if you want to be successful, you have to start with yourself. If you look like a jerk, no one will take you seriously. Take your appearance seriously. Items that accentuate your personality are best suited for business. However, always remember that you are representing the company.
If you are not sure how to dress, consult a professional. Whether you choose a skirt, jacket, pants, or blouse, you can never go wrong with a classic model. Black and gray are very classic and elegant. Don\’t be afraid of colors and patterns if they are more daring and suit your business. However, the rule still applies:
“Don\’t overdo anything, less is sometimes more.”
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Show who\’s boss
You want to be friendly with the people you work with, the people on whom your future life literally depends, I get it. Being friendly is a good start to a successful employer-employee relationship. But the key
is to make it clear right away
who is the boss. If you don\’t set clear boundaries for your employees at the outset as to what is and is not allowed, you will have a hard time correcting them later
. They work on the same plane and have the same goals. Do not treat individual men and individual women on your work team differently. If you want men to respect you, you must treat them as such.
“…… But a man would do this, and from a man\’s point of view, he would do that. ……” At first you may hear comments like this. Especially if you have taken over the job from a male colleague. Remember that you are not a man. [26] Like it or not, women have a very different perspective on life and work than men. But this by no means means means that you are doing it wrong. You are here now, you are a woman, and you will do things your way.
Even after all these decades, it is still difficult to be a woman in business. Don\’t go into your shell, don\’t get caught up in the male point of view and don\’t change. Be proud of being a woman and how far you have come from that position. Tell people every day how much you appreciate their support. Smile. And remember, whether people like you or not, you are an entrepreneur.