My partner and I have been wanting to get a nice quad bike or go-kart for a while now. Are you familiar with quad bikes or go-karts? If so, or if you have one at home, you will agree that they are much better than two-wheeled bikes. Of course, we had a two-wheeled bike, but when we almost crashed in a field on it, we decided we absolutely did not want to ride bikes anymore. So my partner and I decided to sell the bike and buy a quad bike or a go-kart.

Raději chceme čtyřkolku.

We each ended up getting a quad bike, which I admit was a really perfect idea. If we had stuck with the bikes the way we did, I don\’t know what we would be doing now. Maybe I wouldn\’t be here anymore, maybe I would be completely out of business. That\’s why it\’s best to help people understand what\’s good for them and how they feel. Maybe some people don\’t feel like owning a motorcycle at all. Or even someone who doesn\’t want to own a quad bike, a motorcycle, or an electric scooter. Some people are obviously afraid to ride. You only have to look at the roads and side streets to see that.

Na motorce se už bojím.

Everywhere you look you see people driving erratically. In a hurry, they become distracted, do not look to the right or left, and cause accidents. So it is best to ride motorcycles carefully, not in a hurry, and with a sense of recreation. In my opinion, if you are in a hurry to get somewhere, you should take the bus or train.