proms have always been one of the most highly regarded events. The proms were held by the royal court, but they were also organized by village promoters. What do all these events have in common?
nohy tanečníků
o Whether it is entertainment in the Upper Lower or a full-blown social event where all the important people gather, one needs to know how to behave.
Some embarrassments are understandably awful, while others are easy to swallow and maybe even laughable. At least for a while.
-When someone falls on the dance floor, it falls into a category where nothing really happens. It could happen to anyone.
– Even worse is when a lady or gentleman has had too much to drink during the previous refreshments and can\’t get up. This is an even worse embarrassment.
Another principle is that if you can\’t dance, don\’t dance. For a man it is a complete disaster, but for a woman it is only a disaster.
novomanželský tanec

Dancing brings people together

Sometimes a situation arises that gives you chills just imagining it. That is ladies and gentlemen. Have you ever had your partner tear your clothes off? The same question can be asked from the other side. Have you ever had your partner tear your clothes?
It means inadvertently.
– If the woman never ceases to smile pleasantly, she has acted like a real woman.
– even though she must have been ticking off a calculator in her head, calculating the damages.
taneční partner
At a ball, we also get to know each other better. Dancing is said to be a means of communication, so you don\’t have to be in good company at all costs. And you know what else they say, [33] that people who get along well at dances also get along well in life. [34] So look over what you are wearing now. Find out the date of the next ball and get out on the dance floor. And ladies, if you bump into someone while dancing, let it go. Your partner will take care of it for you. Gentlemen are responsible for the ladies. At the very least, I hope that emancipation will not come to this.