Rap is a fairly developed genre, and it began to develop most in the Czech Republic when listeners fell in love with a certain type of hip-hop. Frequent themes are addictive substances, life and its transitions. Today, several artists are collaborating with each other, creating new music videos, and constantly trying to create something original for the listener, which is a favorite attitude.
muž s kšiltovkou
Skinny Barber
Also known purely as Barber. He is a young artist who is always trying new things and trying to develop. For example, his latest music video “Addictive” certainly stands out among his work. He began his career in Karlovy Vary and is now nationally known. He is often accompanied by Naume. He sometimes goes to concerts with the Sky Club Benelux group.

An artist with the original name of Logic appeared long ago; in the original group of the YZO empire he was very popular. He later formed Milion+ and now collaborates with musicians who have moved on from other groups. Thanks to his tattoos, not only on his face but also on his entire body, one must be able to recognize this unique individual at a glance.

Renne Dang
A member of Blakkwood Records, where he often creates quality music with a deeper thematic focus, he began referring to his father\’s origins through his album CON LAI, released in 2017. The album\’s title translates as Mise Generation. His latest album, Flowers from the Pump, is, in his words, his most successful album to date.

This prominent woman in the rap scene should not be overlooked. This quirky and idiosyncratic rapper has returned to Breakwood Records, despite some controversy. She strives to be the biggest inspiration to other girls and show that there is nothing to be ashamed of. She makes her own videos and collaborates with other musicians from the same company. For example, she has recorded with Protiva, Refew, and Fosco Alma.
zpěvák u mikrofonu
The next level, to which the musician Schyzo belongs, for example, is not for everyone. This style finds a thorough fan base because the lyrics tend to be morbid, idiosyncratic, the themes violent, and a bit ironic.