Did you like studying? There are a lot of kids who have the skills to learn and those who don\’t, and it also depends on how their parents approach it, because I know a lot of kids who don\’t really like to learn. And they do not do this on their own, because I also know many parents who do not pay attention to their children at all after school. Sometimes the kids come home from school, throw their backpacks on the floor and just go away, so they\’re not learning at home, they\’re playing somewhere or doing bad things. I don\’t like this at all. I have a son and a daughter. I really want my children to learn well. It\’s worth it.

Ke čtení už potřebuji brýle.

Because I think education is really important. Because take it, in case no one wants to get an education. What will our world look like? How will someone take care of us? If no one wanted to educate and teach well, tell me, how do some doctors treat us? I think a lot will change in our world, and it will of course change for the worse. Because not only education leads to better human intelligence, but, most importantly, we think we have something to do in the world. Because education is also very important because it helps us find our future profession.

Mám ráda literaturu.

And it\’s clear that we can\’t all do the same job. So there are schools and some universities that help us live a better life. Or do you think something else is being cut off? Do you think it is unnecessary? I must say that when I asked someone what education or school meant to them, I was very surprised and surprised that someone did not even know what to answer. Some people like to learn, but they do not have time.I don\’t know that when someone enjoys it, they do it, right? But perhaps there is a catch.