As far as pensions are concerned, it is said that more and more people in this country do not trust the state. This is a good thing, but also a bad thing. How can we put it?

Because if we don\’t believe that the person we have taxed throughout our productive years, the person without whom we and our money could not exist, will take care of us in our old age, and the person who is taking away our pensions, the state, will let us starve ourselves to death If a very large number of people believe this, this is not comforting. On the contrary,
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but it is good to know that there are already close to a million people saving into the new pension fund. These are people who are trying to provide for their retirement in some way other than being gratefully tossed by the state as a mere pittance for a lifetime of hard work.

Since the pension system was abolished in 2013, 967,000 people have already enrolled in supplemental pensions. It can be said that almost one in ten Czechs is betting on this old-age pension. According to the Association of Pension Companies of the Czech Republic, Czechs have already put SEK 42.7 billion into this savings.

The effects have been mixed.

As of the end of last year, there were still 3.5 million people and 404.4 billion kronor in the original pension insurance converted funds, but these have already been closed to the public once and for all.

In addition, the number of participants in additional pension savings increased by 58,700, or 37%, last year.
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However, the decline in asset values in the stock and bond markets caused subscriber funds to lose money, eventually losing 0.58% for conservative funds, 3.78% for balanced funds, and 8.49% for dynamic funds. The only consolation for those saving in these funds is that the funds do not always lose money, with those who have been in the funds since the beginning gaining an average of 2.49% in the conservative funds, 7.65% in the balanced funds, and 17.37% in the dynamic funds

The exact numbers are not yet known, but we can assume that these funds did not lose money on inflation last year.

The growth in new contracts was mainly due to the lack of intervention in the pension savings sector, which gave people some confidence. However, the turmoil in the financial markets made people pay the price for their decision. Pension saving is the most affordable, safe, and lucrative way to prepare for retirement. This profiteering is the one-eyed king among the blind.

Especially when one considers that the new pension funds no longer guarantee that people will not lose the money they have accumulated or that they will pay back half of what they have accumulated after 15 years.

This may lead to a number of people begging for money after retirement. This is despite the fact that they have accumulated everything they lacked during their working years.