TheseCelticpriestessesare called bandulior bandolaiin medieval Irish legend. Druids had access to sacred places, and during ceremonies the druid was always the first to address the people. Here, too, the druid always offered sacrifices. In times of conflict, the druid\’s words were always decisive. The druid was able to calm the crowd by force of will. These great priests had immense knowledge of nature and man. They were at the same timehealersandare thought to have even possessed hypnotism.
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Priestesses of the islands

Historical sources also mention male priestessesand female priestesses. Celtic legends mention female druids. Similarly, the famous Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar, whose writings report on islands inhabited exclusively by priestesses clad in black, murdered them. However, there are records that the emperors Diocletian, Alexander Severus, and Aurelian consulted the druidessesand resolved the problem.
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The dark past of women in society

Unfortunately, however, Druidesses were often murdered by the Romans. Surviving sources indicate that druids were involved in the negotiation of treaties and wars, in various assemblies, and in the settlement of various disputes. Female priestesses worshipped the goddess and celebrated various festivals throughout the year. However, the Romans killed many of the druids. They also destroyed the works of many of the priestesses and writings about them. The Roman Catholic Church declared the priestesses to be witches. The knowledge and skills of the druid priestesses threatened the control of the Church. Even St. Patrick, a missionary, had many extant books on the Druids burned and devastated many sites associated with their culture.