Probably every student has tried countless ways to make the hated activity of studying more fun. One way to make the time spent reading textbooks more enjoyable is to use music. However, using music does not necessarily make studying more enjoyable. Music has several advantages!
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Imagine a situation where you have a stack of thick, tightly written papers lying in front of you, and you know you have to figure out all of it by tomorrow morning. Silence surrounds you, but your concentration is still drifting somewhere. It\’s at times like this that I suggest you let something loose; you might think that some background music would distract you. However, the right music has been proven to significantly improve concentration and memory. Plus, it\’s more relaxing, so when a stressful exam suddenly knocks on your door, it won\’t be as big of a deal.
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What kind of music should I choose?

A very important question is which music will actually help you and which music will actually hurt you. Classical music is generally recommended, and experts say it should have a particularly positive effect on the brain. However, it is clear that only a small percentage of today\’s students enjoy classical music. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that the background music you choose should at least entertain you. However, it is a mistake to play a song that you particularly like to study. You still need to concentrate on the study, not the song. Therefore, the ideal music is something that is not too distracting and to your liking, for example, movie music. Also, be careful not to select music that is too long. Procrastination is forbidden!
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How else can music help?
Foreign language songs are a great tool for learning vocabulary, phrases, and pronunciation. You have probably sung your favorite songs. There are even many people who can sing almost an entire album of an artist\’s songs by memory. Why not put that to good use? Try translating the lyrics. The translated lyrics will stick in your head and you will begin to make connections with their foreign language equivalents. Furthermore, you will even be able to figure out what your favorite singer is singing.