That\’s right. We love discounts, and why should we be ashamed of the fact that we take away bargain shopping cards from almost every store? None of us have a donkey that falls off the money when we shake it.
We all present our cards honestly at the cash register and are overjoyed when a few crowns are deducted from our purchases.
Some stores collect information based on our regular purchases and send us discount coupons accordingly. The problem, however, is when the coupon arrives in the mail, and when we rush to buy two items thinking that we will get the third one free if we buy two, the saleswoman sends it back saying, “The coupon is valid for two days. I shook my head, thinking that this couldn\’t be true since I had just taken it out of the mailbox yesterday, but this time it wasn\’t the post office\’s fault for the late delivery; it was the employee who took it to the post office the day before it was confiscated.
Unfortunately, these things happen.
When this happens, we get upset and walk away, saying we will either buy everything at the regular price or let the whole shopping experience go down the drain.
Some of us are so-called card collectors. Everywhere they go, they get discount cards that they know they will never use. But often they lose track of where they got them pawned, and when it\’s time to pay for them, they put them to sleep and realize they could have used them at home.
I confess that I too have succumbed to the clerks and pawned at a store that is not even in our town. It\’s been five years now, and I haven\’t used my card since. [But I honestly carry it with me in case I ever have to go to the town where the store is located to buy something to wear.
It\’s a fact that we all prefer on-the-spot discounts to silly purchases like collecting points or being forced to buy large quantities of single items where collecting points leads to perks and ends up costing more than if you bought that item.
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And since we are always in a hurry, we are also entitled to a vacation. We do not want to go to the cottage and spend our vacation working. We want to rest.
The moment we sit down at the travel agency across from the smiling woman who offers us tours to the places we want to go and tells us the price of the trip that will make our dolls twirl, we leave, thinking to make other arrangements.
So we learned to type the places we wanted to go into a comparison search engine. But beware, not everything is as it seems. Your hotel may be quite far from the ocean, or if you plan to rent a car, there may be no place to park at the hotel. Therefore, reading reviews from other travelers is a good idea.
Sometimes a lower price means worse lodging conditions.
Travel agencies offer well-known and popular last-minute tours. These tours can really save you money.
It is possible to vacation more cheaply, so do your research and check with others who have had good or bad experiences.