Rocket Castle
The river Auge flows nearby. Thanks to the famous Charles IV, who had it renovated in the past and had the marquis\’s residence and other buildings built, its main features remain to this day; it was also renovated in the 15th century, but unfortunately it became a prison a few centuries later. The exhibition of weapons and porcelain tableware is very popular. During the tour, visitors can also listen to legends that took place here. Visitors can choose between guided or unguided tours, and children under 6 years of age are admitted for free
architektura ve Varech
The observatory at Krinovec
was reopened in 2013. This observatory also suffered significant damage due to the climate. However, all is well now and visitors can enjoy the view from a height of 17 meters. You will see several beautiful mountains in a row. Sumava, Jested, and so on.
What is Dubrava? It is a village near Cheb. The village became famous mainly because of its preserved buildings. A few decades ago, this area was declared a village preserve. In the aforementioned house there is a museum with exhibits about agriculture. The exhibits are all from the 18th to 20th centuries. Here one can always buy painted ceramics and various other things. For example, I was fascinated by the beautiful wood carvings.
starý dostavník
The spa colonnade
in Marianske Lazně is presented in the Baroque style and was completed in 1889. The colonnade was designed by a Viennese architect. Its dimensions are astonishing: 120 meters by 12 meters, which is by no means small. In front of it is another famous “singing fountain”. It is one of the most visited places in Marienbad. It consists of very many fountains and decorations. The whole complex is very nice and should be visited if you ever visit the area.