Having a great school was my goal. This was my dream. My family was very educated and I was no exception. I wanted to go to college too. But of course nobody forced me to study for a long time. I wanted it for myself. Maybe it was because I had really great role models. My parents were still judgmental about my sister. I have an older sister who is six years older than me, so I had some idea of what education was and what it was like. For example, I knew what preparation for different types of learning was like, and so on. So I knew that if I was going to have a great learning experience, then the subsequent work would be great and, of course, the money would be good. Teaching was fun. Even in third grade, I took Italian and English classes. I loved learning languages the most. My parents and teachers noticed that.

Ale někoho to ve škole prostě nebaví.

So I took Italian right from fifth grade through high school. And I must say I did the right thing. Because I really enjoyed my grammar school years and I thought I should focus on learning the language as much as possible. After high school, I went to language school. And apart from those two languages, I added French. 21]

Prostředí školy se mi líbí.

I told myself that in the future I would either become a translator or a guide to show tourists around different beautiful European cities . That may not be all. If you too are interested in great travel and a happy life, I don\’t think it\’s wrong to educate yourself on a regular basis. Plus it\’s interesting, fun, and you get to meet all kinds of people. For example, I have made more friends through my studies than I can count. I also have friends in other countries, and we regularly visit each other and have a great time together. That is also thanks to my education.