The substance is especially popular in the homosexual community, where it has been used for decades, but is also becoming increasingly popular with heterosexual couples. Who among us does not need some relaxation of mind and body from time to time? But let\’s look a little deeper into this wonder . Poppers are actually a more comfortable term for so-called alkyl nitrites, chemical compounds of the nitrate group.
mladá laborantka
It is this group that is responsible for all of the processes that this substance causes in the body when it is inhaled: the relaxation of smooth muscle. Smooth muscles are the muscles that we cannot control at will, these are around the blood vessels and, just in case you are wondering, also around the anus. There is also euphoria, sexual desire, fatigue, and intoxication. However, extreme caution should be exercised when using it with other stimulants. For example, the combination with Viagra can be fatal to the individual. Both substances have the same action and can lead to overdose. As a result, blood vessels dilate and blood pressure drops significantly. The heart beats even faster and eventually malfunctions and stops.
měsíček u olejíčků
Combination with methamphetamine or cocaine is equally dangerous. Oral ingestion is also very dangerous. The substance is only odorized for a short time, so it must be placed in liquid form in vials and resealed immediately after inhalation. The substance evaporates very quickly, and inhalation of large amounts can cause headaches and vomiting. However, if the ideal amount of the substance is inhaled, the effect can be achieved within 10 seconds at most. If swallowed, it turns into a deadly toxin in the stomach, and instead of an exciting experience, you face a slow and very painful death from poisoning. Perhaps because of this dangerous fact, only about 3 percent of the population uses this substance regularly.