Working and finding satisfaction in one\’s work is truly fulfilling. It gives meaning to life. Of course, everyone has a personal life alongside their work and relationships are important. Everything has to be balanced and sensibly maintained.
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Origins of Workaholism

It is certainly possible to devote much time to one\’s profession. For young people in particular, it is understandable. They need to work because they need to get a new job, develop a career, or simply earn money. Furthermore, it is also understandable if the job is fulfilling. It\’s worse when work starts to dominate your personal life, 12+ hours a day, and that includes weekends and holidays. I want to be in control of all my work. My cell phone is always on standby.
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Consequences of addiction bruneta ve stresu.jpg

They begin to take on more work and responsibilities and bring their work home with them. They will probably lose interest in other things, and things like leisure time and favorite hobbies will cease to exist at all. They will also lose their sense of anxiety, stress, and humor. This is when one becomes a workaholic, a so-called workaholic. This addiction affects the physical and mental health of the individual. Sleep deprivation, headaches, and fatigue become the daily grind.
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Related issues

In addition, they may be affected by other symptoms such asobsessions [24 Or,obsession, always thinking about work problems; [33] you could be a perfectionist [34] and if you run a business, this trait of yours will have a negative impact on your employees. Employees feel that they cannot fulfill 100% of your demands. You could become a narcissistwho cannot tolerate any rejection or resistance.