We live in a time when we cannot do without knowledge of at least one foreign language. For what it\’s worth, companies currently recruiting new employees are ideally looking for people who can speak two world languages. This is also emphasized in schools. Even in elementary schools, one often sees children taking one foreign language as a requirement and one as an elective. In secondary schools, it is common to find students studying two foreign languages, one as a major and the other as a minor. Grammar schools often specialize directly in one language, with some or all of their classes in that foreign language, plus one or two elective required foreign languages. More recently, apprenticeship schools and even less specialized and prestigious schools are trying to get young people to learn foreign languages.

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Knowledge of foreign languages rules the world. It is not a nonsense to say that the number of languages we know makes us more human than the number of languages we know. We believe it. For example, we can go on vacation to France and make friends with the locals because we understand French. It is nice to travel to an exotic country and find that you can get along with almost anyone, anywhere, because you know English.

As noted above, knowing a foreign language is essential to finding a good job and building a career. Employees in high positions are expected to speak several world languages. It is essential for them.

We have mentioned that the best place to learn a foreign language is in school. However, those who wish to learn a foreign language spontaneously can use the services of a language school and opt for specialized courses in, for example, grammar, conversation, writing style, politics, or literature. In this case, the lessons are usually group lessons.

Similarly, you can also choose a private teacher who will work exclusively for you. This type of class is usually very effective. This is a private lesson in a foreign language.

Last but not least, you can also study on your own. In this case, it is recommended to purchase a study text with CD and a so-called assignment key. When studying on your own at home, you need to decide on the order in which you will study. Regularity is important.
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What is useful for self-study?

– Watching foreign language films or series

– Read a book in a foreign language


– Listen to radio in a foreign language country

– Keeping a diary in a foreign language [34

– Corresponding with a foreigner, for example


If you choose to teach yourself, don\’t be afraid to get creative. Write out words, translate songs, or surround yourself completely with your chosen foreign language.