I am not a very technically gifted type of person, but there is one thing that has stuck with me and will never be forgotten. It was a man maneuvering his motorcycle smoothly over a roadblock. There is a certain freedom in that. After all, when a man drives a car, he is usually responsible for his passengers and is not allowed to take risks as he does when driving alone, judging only his own safety. But that is not the real freedom I want to write about.
The freedom that motorcycles offer is due to the fact that their small size makes them easier to ride in tight spaces. This freedom may be bought by enduring unpleasant weather conditions, such as when it is raining, but it is worth dreaming about.
Romantick√° cesta
Although I myself have never driven anything other than a pedal cycle, I can vividly imagine the feeling of riding a two-wheeled vehicle that can reasonably navigate road spaces where other vehicles cannot. They can ride on terrain that would be impossible for an automobile to traverse. [One can feel the wind blowing against one\’s body and raindrops falling, and one is more aware of the dangers inherent in motor-driven wheels because one does not have the false sense of security of an enclosed chassis. On the other hand, however, drivers often give themselves over to the provocation to gamble that this freedom brings, and it is only a matter of time before they are rewarded with a nasty crash.
Plavba vzduchem
The motor cycle itself, however, is an invention that does us no harm, but gives us the possibility of moving from one place to another in a more elegant, comfortable and faster way, simply by the fact that all the components of our means of transportation function properly. For what we drive is not just an adventurous journey, but a sophisticated machine in which the function of even the most trivial components is important.