Every person should know to have some emergency reserve for when something might go wrong in the house or car. But if you really want to do that, start now. Nothing can be put off, especially not when it comes to the economy, which we have staked almost all of our lives on.

Peněženka, peníze

We actually think about where we spend our money, but the thing we spend the most on is food, and that is where we save the most, even though it is slowly becoming more expensive than other things. Sometimes cheap food is better, but not always. The best thing to do is to keep a journal and write down what you spend. You should also write down any small purchases you make.

The most important thing is to remember why you are saving and for what. If you have savings and nothing is wrong, you can use it for vacations and travel. When you have children, it is normal to pay for everything related to them. For a baby, you buy diapers, clothes, bottles, and toys. However, the monthly payments are small. There are different savings accounts that can be a new beginning for the children\’s future

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When you buy something, you should also think about the amount you have to dedicate to get it. When you go shopping, you should have a written list of things to choose from so that you don\’t have to walk between tempting shelves to pick up something you don\’t need just because you like it or because you feel like it. Other payments include cell phones, electricity, and gas. But we have to pay for them, and we can\’t do without them. How we spend our money and how we save it is up to each of us, but everyone can do it.