Whether you don\’t want to pay off an expensive mortgage, want to see the world, or simply want to try something new, you will undoubtedly never get such an opportunity again. In fact, more and more people have begun to think this way in recent years, and they are enjoying the adventure by modifying their cars, vans, and buses. However, they need to think about the main facilities on the road, parking, and proper official documentation.
unavený řidič
First, you need to get a permit for the modification from the car company, then you also need to register the vehicle. The electrical system, which is absolutely necessary for the house, would also need to be modified. The modifications can then be carried out, MOT tests can be taken at the vehicle registration office, and other formalities can be undertaken.
As part of the modifications, the heating, or how the mobile home is to be used, needs to be considered. Is it year round or seasonal? In addition to winter cold, there is the issue of summer heat. Insulate, including the floor! [Where to put the beds, where to put the cooking area, where to put the work area.
If you cook a lot or love to cook, don\’t skimp on furniture and planning for the kitchen nook. After all, you can put a kitchenette with a sink and a two-burner stove in a van. For example, it can be gas-powered. In fact, you can refuel at a gas station. Dishes must be stored in such a way that they will not be knocked over or broken while driving. Dining tables, on the other hand, are usually folding tables with footrests.
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Work and travel can also be combined. At least a couple can take turns driving and working. Look for flexible digital jobs. Whether you are a programmer or a translator, for example, you can earn a decent income from travel. Of course, sleep can be solved by stretching out on the couch, but those who like comfort will appreciate a cozy bed. During the summer months, for example, you can even stretch out your hammock and sleep outside.
Therefore, if you are planning a similar project, be prepared to use a lot of slats, boards, and insulation; good luck with the YouTube video, which will guide you through the entire modification process.