Driver\’s License

A license is required to drive certain categories of vehicles. Therefore, we must first obtain a license. We have divided the groups according to the performance of the motorcycle and have set age limits for each group. Thus, depending on how old you are, it is usually worth getting a licensefor the highest performance possible.

černobílá fotka motocyklu

Currently, the exam is quite complex, and to pass it, one must know theory, traffic conditions, how to deal with different situations, and how to handle a motorcycle well. The test consists of theory, a practice field, and driving, all of which are put to the test. There is not a lot of time for practical training, so if there is something you are not good at, you may want to extend your time to increase your chances of passing.

Controlling the Machine

Because the behavior of this single-track vehicle is different from that of passenger cars, beginners must learn something completely new. understandably have to learn something new. Many of them undergo training at the driving range itself to learn driving techniques in different situations. Handling weight and center of gravityis very important, for example, in cornering, the higher the speed, the more the vehicle body must be tilted. Of course, one must gradually gain new experience, and by doing so one gets better and better.

řízení motocyklu

But we must always be carefulabout safety. Cars have body airbags and various other safety features, but nothing like that here. Driving can be fun, but we should remember our health and good manners on the road. For example, falling leaves at high speeds or curves can cause the car to skid and overturn the machine.