These machines have a relatively high performance but low price and can be purchased in stores or on the Internet. The first technical parameter is pressure. This ensures sufficient force to wash away dirt. This is directly related to the water flow rate, or how many liters of water flow through the pipe per hour. Each cleaner also has a maximum water temperature limit. This is about 40 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to worry about exceeding it. There are several price classes, which also improve the overall performance of the device. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money to buy an inexpensive one, as they are sufficient for normal home use. They are also easy to operate; all you need to do is connect water and electricity.
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Rewall REPW 120 SET
It is designed for the aforementioned car washing, i.e., washing cars and wheels from mud and other dirt. Doing so saves a lot of time as well as labor. Thanks to the swivel nozzle, the water flow can be adjusted to one\’s preference. As with many of these modern machines, it has an auto-stop function that turns on the motor itself when necessary, thus saving energy. It can also be fitted with a number of accessories, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Visually, there is no shame in the beautiful stripes and striking black and yellow combination. It also has storage capacity and casters for easy mobility. The high-pressure jet stream of water is effective for dry stains that cannot be removed by hand washing.
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Lavor Ninja Extra 145

A little more expensive than the first high-pressure cleaner, but it offers water pressure and other advantages. It is manufactured by LAVOR, an Italian manufacturer already mentioned in the name of the equipment; it has a 30-year history and has gained a lot of experience in improving other products. It is an ideal helper for hobbyists. It can be used for facades and pavement stains. No matter how large or small the area. The 6-meter-long hose exerts a pressure of 145 bar; it can flow up to 420 liters of water per hour. Customers also praise the appropriate price for the quality of the product