What a surprise! The title of this article is “Aztec Sugar,” and in the beginning it talks about diabetes and weight loss. If you think the author of this article has lost his mind, I can assure you that he has not. [Let me reveal the secret of the confusion at the beginning. Aztec sugar is a somewhat common name for the lime, or more accurately, sweet lime, plant found in garden stores. Its scientific name is Phyla dulcis, and it belongs to the frog fruit family.
aztécký obraz

As its name suggests, it was introduced by the Aztecs, who called it zoperic schluchtl. Gradually it spread throughout the world and is officially recognized as a respiratory medicine.

Now that we have that much history out of the way, let\’s look together at what to do with it once you get it home. At a decent dealer, it sells for around 50 crowns with pot, or 100 crowns at the highest. Once you bring it home, you can replant it right away. This plant can be grown in a pot or in a garden bed. However, it cannot be overhung here.
kostkový cukr

If you put it in a hanging pot at home, it will overhang. Then water it well and place it in a sunny location. 17]

It should not be difficult to grow it this way, just be careful that the temperature does not drop below 10 degrees Celsius. The leaves will probably fall off in the winter, but they should “grow” back in the spring.

Next, the effects on the body. In other words, it\’s a health issue. Because we all know how many calories sugar has. This plant has no calories.

Its uses as an alternative to sugar are so wide-ranging that its leaves can be eaten basically anywhere.

Be warned, you may find information somewhere that it contains substances other than hernandrucine, but that doesn\’t mean it is right for everyone. There is only one thing I can write about. This plant has not been properly studied yet, so it is quite possible that it has other mild side effects. But nothing has been written about them, just as nothing has been written about the fact that it was allegedly used in ancient times.