Having a motorcycle at home is the dream of every boy or teenage male. I have a friend who was always angry at her parents for not letting her have a motorcycle. She was 16 at the time and secretly got a light motorcycle license. She had a Group A license, which is a light motorcycle that you can get if you are at least 15 years old. But if you see her parents still complaining. Because they had a friend who had crashed twice on his motorcycle and was in a wheelchair for a year afterwards.

Mám raději automobil.

So no wonder her parents won\’t let their daughter get a motorcycle. Even though she told them she had already saved up the money to buy a motorcycle. And her parents are still just hair-raising with fear. My guess is that anyone who wants a motorcycle probably already has a little experience with them and at least knows how to ride one, or at least knows that they are required to wear a helmet for their own protection. And if I were to have a motorcycle, I would have all the protective gear. Other protective gear, both mandatory and optional, because I\’m the kind of person who doesn\’t want to neglect anything.

Jaký máte vztah k motorkám?

And I\’m afraid of motorcycles, afraid to even ride, and let\’s just say I\’ve ridden one many times, and I\’m on the road and cars pass by me like crazy. When I see them, I think the only way to ride a bike is on the trail. Unfortunately, if I wanted to go to the next town over, I would have to ride my bike on the main road for about 10 minutes. So unfortunately, I have to live with that. Besides, I would have to cross a meadow of tall grass and corn. I don\’t want to do that. So a lot of people use bikes because they are very practical, but some people are afraid of bikes.