I think every child or person needs motivation for something to improve in perfection. Unfortunately, I ended up in such a way that unfortunately no one motivated me or anything supported me. As a child, I wanted to play tennis. But my parents kept saying it was useless, I can\’t afford it, and they don\’t even have money. I know it was pretty expensive, but it was really disappointing that my parents didn\’t support me with this. And when I wanted to have a library card later, my parents bought me a library card after about 1 month of persuasion because I enjoyed education and reading.

Bratr moc rád běhá.

I remember that at that time the library card cost 55 crowns. And unfortunately, my parents did not have much money and did not have wealth, so they were told that even 55 crowns are a lot for them. And I don\’t know if that was true before, but in retrospect, I know my parents didn\’t really have enough money. Even though I wanted 1, I couldn\’t have gotten a better education. I received a high school education while I was at work. I worked as a bartender in bars and restaurants, so I could afford a better college.

Já plavání zbožňuji.

I didn\’t leave much money for something private like a party with friends, but I don\’t regret it at all. And I\’m proud of myself because I\’m glad that I was able to do college with my own money. I think my parents are also proud of me, because they can\’t praise me at all, and they are proud to be able to make my life the way I wanted to. What about you? Are you happy with your life or will it be good for you? I still want a language course, I still want to learn because I enjoy it.