Charging for broken or inoperable goods can be a real headache. I\’m sure it happened to you that you brought home the desired goods and lo and behold. You have found that it is broken or inoperable.
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What should I do in this case?

If the purchase price of a thing was on the order of several dozen crowns, you would probably think that the whole martyrdom is not worth it. If the amount issued for the purchased goods fluctuates at a higher amount, then another situation arises. There is definitely a claim here. Before you go to claim it, if you have a broken item in the house for a long time, find out if it is still in warranty period, and also think about whether the goods have been defective due to poor handling or operation. In such cases, you will definitely not get the desired complaint.
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In some stores there are no problems with complaints of goods. Detailed information about the claim should be provided by the seller of the complaint procedure, which should be freely accessible to read. If there are positive complaints, you will receive a refund or the goods will be sent for repair. If the claimed defect is not fixed even on the 3rd attempt, it will be refunded. The seller usually has 30 days to resolve the complaint unless his complaint procedure provides other data with which you understand. Detailed information about the complaint can be read in the Civil Code. If there is a complaint, you need to contact the seller who purchased the goods directly. He is also obliged to solve the problem with you. To claim the goods, we are entitled by law. It will be better if you come to a complaint with a receipt. If you lose your receipt, you will not lose the right to repair, replace or refund. But it is important to prove to the seller that the goods you really bought from him.

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