This article is for informational purposes only and does not encourage anyone to consume or sell drugs.
Most of them were initially used only for medicinal purposes in medicine, but in the second half of the last century, with the help of media and music, they also reached a wider public. According to the World Drug Report 2016, about 15% of the total population between the ages of 65 and 6 have ever used the drug.
The availability of these substances is certainly not as low as many people think. You can find them in all major cities. The only plus is that it is not publicly offered, so everyone has to try a little to get the drug. Statistically, marijuana is the easiest to obtain.
Smrt z předávkování
For example. In Mikulov, in an anonymous questionnaire, 20% of people admit that they take the drug, and up to half of the population are convinced that the drug is very easily available here. Even 4 in 1 of the respondents admitted that they know who has a small chemical laboratory at home and has a “cook.” But despite this information, even with field investigations, it is very difficult to break into the network of drug addicts and find certain information. ” Two users so one person we manage to contact at once. So mapping the drug scene in Mikulov is very difficult for us & #34; says the head of the contact center for drug addicts in Breslav, štěpánčáček. They have the same problem, for example, in the primary school of Orlová in the Karviná region, tests confirmed the presence of drugs in all 4th grade.
Therapeutic community
The name of a service for drug addicts or people with chronic mental illness to re-socialize their clients. Disabled persons are accommodated in the center for a certain period of time, and the purpose of their stay is to provide patients with a safe and subjective environment for good self-development. Every day they learn to coexist, socialize and practice common social skills with other members of the community.
A democratic therapeutic communityestablished in England during World War II for mentally and traumatized soldiers. They tried to cure the patient as soon as possible so that he could return to war.  Northfield Hospital in Birmingham was the first hospital where group psychotherapy was used, which radically accelerated treatment.
Stříkačka s pilulemi
This community has largely shared decision-making and responsibility. It is mainly used in the treatment of mentally ill people.
The hierarchical treatment communityis for drug addicts and has been in use since 1963. For patients here there is an informal atmosphere and auxiliary work for the proper operation of the premises.
Community members make their own decisions based on their own judgment. There are highly structured programs, which mainly treat drug addicts.