Even if not all hospitals, it remains a significant step. What exactly is the problem? Penta Ivestments, as part of the Penta Hospitals International group, owns several hospitalsin our country. These are not only hospitals, but also outpatient clinics and Alzeimr Home Centers, in which it holds a 70% stake. This investment group was founded in Slovakia in 1994. However, in 1999 it began using the official name Penta Investments Limited and switched from securities to real estate development. Today, the group belongs to Cyprus and invests part of its assets, which amount to about 7 billion, in Czech hospitals.
Moderní nemocnice
Last year, however, the situation spiraled out of control,and Penta defaultedon more than €7 million in debt. The group is also in financial difficulties because it is building other hospitals in Slovakia, for example.
Investment director Václav Jirků, director of the “section” of health care, confirmed this, and it was also posted on the Slovak website; Jirků acknowledgedthe possibility of bringing in some investorsbut on condition that they retain full management control This meant management control. This meant management control. Negotiations with selected potential bidders are already underway, but a formal agreement is still far off. 16] Nemocniční pokoj

Furthermore, Penta not only wants investors in terms of financing,but also a strategic partner in this move. This should help in the event of political instability or pressure. This support should prevent the Penta Group from being forced out of the European market.
Neither partner is named, which is understandable. According to the media,this will be kept secretuntil the deal is signed.
Operace pacienta
The question is whether this will serve the purpose. This is a question that will not be known for some time. We can only hope that patients will not be affected.