aphids. Today is a very big problem. Do not worry, because you are not the only one who is worried.
Because of various sprays and other chemicals, you will spend hundreds, maybe thousands, up to the crown. But there is another way.
Unfortunately, how to destroy aphids and not spend the crown on it is possible only until the small creatures multiply. All you have to do is spend it on chemistry.
There are more than 2000 species of aphids in the world, each species is different. It is impossible for all species to be recognized by humans.
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You can say by the leaves most often. If you look at the other side of them, you may be terrified of what you see there. You can tell the overgrowth by the blackish surface on the leaves.
If it is still not enough, you can use a variety of natural products. If they multiply, only chemistry will help. Natural products include, for example, infusion of garlic or nettle. If this in no way helps you, then try soap in oil or water in a jar.

Prevention is especially important. Before the beginning of the season, it is recommended to apply a spray against aphids to prevent the appearance of aphids.
If there is overgrowth, there must be chemistry. Among the best helpers, for example, Pirimor, Zolone or Mospilan. But it is important to alternate supplements, because aphids can get used to certain chemicals and you will not do anything.

There is also the possibility of decorating your garden with flowers with a so-called repellent effect.
Saturejka can also help you, it will guarantee you a successful repulsion from aphids when placed on legumes.
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An excellent helper is also Sage. It repels many insects, and because of the change it is visited by many bees, so it blooms beautifully.
If pests poison you even at home (most often ants), it is good to use lemon. If you squeeze a few drops on their path, you will have peace.
What about mosquitoes? It\’s even worse with these guys. None of us wants to be bitten. We also have good tips for them. It turns out that if you plant marigolds in pots, you can rest assured.