To make matters worse, Mark Zuckerberg himself has confirmed that all messages are monitored and evaluated by automated software. Naturally, even sensitive and intimate messages. Regardless of whether the message is a text message, a photo or a video, the software simply looks at the content of the message and if it assesses that it is so-called harmful, sends it for further inspection to a human expert who decides what to do with the message. The inappropriate message is removed. But such behavior is not uncommon on Facebook these days. One can see similar practices in discussion forums, where inappropriate comments are simply deleted by administrators.
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Many users of this social network believe that people should stop snooping on the contents of their secret messages. They are also concerned that there is still no clear declaration of which people can read their messages and virtually no restrictions on how messages are handled. Boss Zuckerberg, however, has no intention of changing this practice. He believes it is appropriate. This could be, for example, due to restrictions on the spread of terrorist threats. Communication via messenger, he believes, can be exploited by dozens of such organizations.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal

However, Zuckerberg himself faces another scandal. Cambridge Analytica, a British company, publicly admitted to using the data of some 50 million people, which was somewhat related to the campaign to elect Donald Trump as U.S. president.12] sociální média

One of Facebook\’s largest investors, asked Mark Zuckerberg to step down from the company\’s leadership. He stated that the company\’s leadership should be under independent oversight. That investor is a pension fund in New York City, USA, which is involved in the social network with an investment of about $1 billion. In the opinion of politician Scott Stinger, Facebook should have an independent chairman of the board, an experienced executive from the data networking industry who, among other things, adheres to a code of ethics.