In society, you need to behave politely and follow certain rules. And by learning the basics of polite behavior, you will be able to perlite in a higher society. Of course, there is no need to behave nobly in a pub where no one has asked you to.
When entering a pub, the man should be the first to enter. This is a well-established rule, but men seldom observe it. However, this is why the doors are often opened inward. This habit is acquired when there is trouble or fighting in the store. However, the courtesy of holding the door open for women is a custom that exists everywhere. Most of the time, however, people behave this way only at a ball. However, it is still a courtesy to hold the door open for them and to please them.
ženy v šatech
Such a classic is to nod and wave. Slowly note when you can nod and when you can\’t. But it is simpler than that. Elders, unless they are women, always offer to tickle first. In this case, the woman always has the upper hand.
If you really want to be a gentleman and intend to kiss a woman\’s hand, you need to gently grab her and send her a rather airy kiss. Never let your lips touch her hand directly, and keep your lips at least a few centimeters apart.
Remember that half of the participants do not need to be able to hear you. If you have a distinctive voice, you must protect that voice throughout the evening to avoid embarrassment.
čaj s hudbou
If you go to a restaurant and order food, always let the man order. He first finds out what the woman likes and then tells her the entire order. And although this practice is breaking down and has been set back a bit, for some people this behavior is still quite important.
With these rules, you have mastered all the basics and don\’t have to worry about the company at all. You yourself can already organize similar events and help those who have not seen much of a social life.