There is no doubt that migration has become a major problem, both legally and illegally, these days. Of course, this is not so visible in our country, because we are rather a temporary country. Most of the migrants go to Germany, France or the UK. And this is where we have the most problems.

It’s easy to think that it’s not so relevant to us. But this is not true. If the above-mentioned Western countries become oversaturated or take measures to ban the arrival of other foreigners, they will probably begin to settle in our country. Therefore, it is good to see why such problems arise.

First of all, of course, it is a clash of 2 completely different cultures, each fighting for its place in the sun and becoming the dominant one Of course, this leads to problems where both sides feel threatened by the other side. So what is the solution?

mladý migrant

First of all, newcomers must take into account that they should adapt to the laws and customs of the new country they are coming from and respect them. After all, this applies to visitors to foreign countries, whether they want to settle here, coming only from neighboring states to shop or escape from war.

Of course, the question is what to do if the law contradicts those people’s culture and their customs. But in this case, the laws of the country will prevail, and the incoming one will have to adapt. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to adapt to this. In that case, the person should be expelled.

děti prchající před válkou

Different cultures are not all. It should also be remembered that such people are often in very bad situations and are afraid of the future. So it is not surprising that they strongly defend themselves against any, presumed threat. It also requires some understanding.

Of course, this is not a problem that can be easily solved without international cooperation. Fortunately, in this regard, it seems that the ice has already begun to move. Let’s see which way they go.