This device is designed to measure the speed of a vehicle. This is the primary thing it is designed to do. And in doing so, it puts many people in situations where they behave very differently than normal.
Some slow down, but theybrake hardand decelerate.
Often they slow down “for safety reasons.” That is, not at the speed limit, but well below it. That is, 20-30 kilometers per hour. This is pure psychology; people don\’t want to go through the hassle Rychlá jízdaof driving on the edge of plus or minus, so they want to slow down considerably. But they don\’t realize that by doing so they may be endangering the flow of traffic. Also, doing so can make someone very angry and lead to conflict.
Rychlá jízda
This phenomenon has been observed and the results are startling. Almost 80% of drivers reportedly do so.
This driving on the edge is very problematic; we are told that driving an extra kilometer should not cause anything to happen. But radar has a tolerance, and so does the speedometer. So instead of setting the speed limit at 60, they cut it in half.
r na měření rychlosti
Another group is those who slam on the brakes as soon as they realize that someone or something is measuring them. However, this is already a very dangerous maneuver. Not to mention the possibility of skidding and the possibility of bouncing all over the following driver. Chain reactions are nothing new.
But it is also dangerous, because inexperienced drivers can be taken by surprise and caught off guard by this kind of driving.
After all, it is enough to obey the traffic rules and, above all, the prescribed speed. Then everyone will be able to drive without problems. Have a safe trip.