Dish sponges are made of soft material, absorb liquids easily, and cut easily. So we thought that they could be used in a different way than usual.
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Ten of the most common sponges can be bought for only 10 CZK. Of course, there are different kinds. The best sponges can be bought for 200 CZK for 10 pieces. These sponges are usually a bit larger than the well-known small sponges and, of course, are made of higher quality and more durable materials.
We have shown you three ways to use a regular sponge. We hope these three tips will be of some help to you in your daily life. We hope you will try out our tips. Also, try out different types of sponges and test out each of our ideas.
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Wrinkle Removal
Do you have a sweater at home that is no longer in season but you love it so much that you don\’t want to give it away or wear it, especially despite the wrinkles? You probably know how to shave it with a razor. But if you are afraid to apply a razor to your favorite sweater, take a sponge and apply the rough side of the dry sponge to just the wrinkled area. The wrinkles will disappear and the sweater will be as good as new.

Watering Flowers
If you\’re not much of a gardener and your home-grown flowers don\’t last very long, try this next time you repot them. Place a new sponge in the bottom of the pot. I suggest removing the thick layer. From now on, there is no need to overwater. The flower will only take as much water as it really needs from the sponge.

Nail polish remover
Have you ever heard of sponge polish remover? Of course, these polish removers are more expensive than the classic sponge removers. That\’s the first small drawback, and the second small drawback is that commercial plastic bottles often leak. Unless you happen to spill the degreaser, the smell of the degreaser can spread throughout your apartment. 26] dámský svetr

So, with a simple sponge and a small bottle, you can make such a polish remover at home. Cut the sponge in two and twist it into a snail shape. Then pour the polish remover into the container of your choice. With a twist of the finger in the container, the nail is varnished.
There must be many more ways to use the dish sponge. Do you have any ideas for practical uses for sponges?