Every car must undergo a major physical once in a while to make sure it can take its owner everywhere. As long as you take the time to maintain it regularly, you need not fear it. And it is best to have the car inspected at some garage and let them know about it. In this case, this major check, also correctly called an MOT, will give you peace of mind and allow you to go through the inspection.

provoz na silnici

There are of course more such checks in the Czech Republic. However, the MOT test is mandatory after two years, without which one cannot go anywhere. Well, you can, but there are significant risks involved. First, if you get caught, you don\’t get paid and you lose your license. Second, if you have an accident, you can hardly get any insurance money from the insurance company. So you really need to be careful. So

if you\’re prepared, you\’ll be fine, but check everything just in case. And I don\’t mean the car itself, but all the paperwork related to the car. Many people fail simply because they didn\’t have this or that document. For example, if you have newly tinted windows, you need proper homologation and of course a permit for that. This is also necessary if you add non-standard equipment. Remember, tinting a car is a big deal, but you have to make sure it is permitted. Controlrides thislike the devil, which is why there is so much debate. But in MOT there is no debate, only firing. Not so literally, of course.


And how much does it cost to have fun? That is not determined by anything or anyone. So it may be listed as 500 crowns, or around 2,000 crowns. In some places it is more. Can I go to other places? Yes, you can take your MOT anywhere. You can choose any service you like. At least something. Right?