Summer is coming to an end. Autumn is coming, colorful, crisp and cold. And your home is all about cool colors. Let\’s change that! Nature inspires Leaves are turning yellow, red, and brown. Greens are more saturated.

podzimní les
Decorate inspired by nature

If nature is close by, simply go for a walk and take in nature\’s bounty. Ripe rose hips in a vase are a great way to beautify a hallway or a corner of a room. With your help, children can make chestnut animals out of madder nuts. When the wind picks up, it\’s time to fly kites. Let\’s decorate such kites in the children\’s room. Also, curtains with a forest motif would create a fun atmosphere. But that\’s not all! Decorative cushions and colorful throws on the sofa will make the room cozy.

Redecorating a new room

Thinking of redecorating a new room but not sure which colors to choose? If you like fall, you can quickly narrow down the range of colors. There are many differentshades of green, brown, red, orange, and yellow. Red does not necessarily promote passion. Consider bullfighting and the use of red striped fabric. Just as the bullfighting bull flared up in anger, so can you!Red, on the other hand, is saidto stimulate appetite . There is a choice from deep red to romantic pink. Green stimulates the spiritand is suitable for work rooms as well as places where children study at school. Orange and browngive an apartment a homey feel . Yellow adds energyand creates a pleasant atmosphere.
ložnice v hnědé barvě
Painting Tips
– If you do not want to color from wall to ceiling, create a border
roughly 10 cm wide from the ceiling. This area will remain white even if there is a ceiling.
– Not all walls need to be colored. Make only the opposite side a different color, or color only the wall with a window. There are no limits to your ideas.
MoreIf you are adventurous andcan draw, try artwork. For example, choose shades of green. Also, instead of making all the walls black and white, make one or two walls white and leave one really blank. You could paint a tree on the other one. It will make you feel like you are in nature.