Is this a new phenomenon? Employers often require additional training from their employees. In this case, the only option is to study at work. The other option is to quit the job, but once you have established yourself in the company, it does not make sense to lose your job. Employers have recently become quite receptive to these options. Thus, one can study while holding down a traditional full-time job. Some companies subsidize their employees\’ studies and in some cases even pay for their education. These studies are not easy, and if they are to attend any school, they must sacrifice a lot of their time. Sometimes you have to study, and if you work during the day, you only have time in the evenings and at night. In many cases,evening studyordistance learningmay be available.
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A major advantage is the ability to continue to improve one\’s knowledge . I learn new things, and because of that I can even get a better job. You can also give positive points to your employer and recognize that it\’s not a bad thing. It can also help you develop your memory. You will also make a lot of new friends and colleagues, not only at school, but also in the community.
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Disadvantages arethe large time commitment,and therefore minimal free time. One must also consider the financialburden required for such studies. Distance or evening education is not cheap. Of course, it depends on the school. If you have a family, you will not be able to make proper arrangements for family time.
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Your decision to start studying depends on you. If you decide to study, be sure to tell your supervisor about it. Next, think carefully and look for information about schoolsin the field you want to study. Find out how much tuition fees will cost and what type of learning
the school offers. The great advantage here is that you do not have to attend school every day, but only once every few days. Today, education is important and it is never too late to improve one\’s knowledge and skills. It is worth a try, because the result could be finding a better job and a higher salary. You will also feel good about doing something for yourself.