· In archaeology, architecture, construction, geology, and many other fields of science, AutoCAD-specific software is commonly used in design.
It is the most widely used software for the creation and editing of planar technical drawings, general technical drawings and conceptual 3D modeling, and effective 2D and 3D design in construction. It is also an additional application to create impressive presentation graphics by simulating hand drawing.
*Archaeology is dominatedby the application of GIS(Geographic Information Systems) and CAD technology.
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· Another widely citedtechnique isphotogrammetry,which, in combination with aviation technology (aircraft, helicopters, aircraft models), makes it a really powerful tool for retrieving previously hard-to-reach data.
Aeronautical archaeologyincludes visual exploration of landscapes, photographing images, and analyzing and interpreting image sources. The shooting takes place from a height of several hundred meters. Quality photos should be of technical quality. After processing, the image is stored in an archive or in digital form in a database of various nature.
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Currently there are 2 types of satellites orbiting the Earthto meet the needs ofecology, geography, cartography, oceanography,etc.It These aresatellites that take imagesand can be helpful in archaeology.
Satellite systems (radiometers) operate in the radio wavesand opticalregions of the electromagnetic spectrum; in addition,archaeology is increasingly experimentingthermal imagingand the principle of measurement is that the metal detector is a geophysical electromagnetic device
·The use of detectors during archaeological excavations,
Detectors can be deployed to make work more efficient, to allow a more gentle pickup of objects, orto search for unregistered artifactson excavated or excavated material heaps.The National Institute of Monuments is a specialized institution focused on complex archaeological research. It hasa central database of siteswhere archaeological finds could be captured.