Businesses that provide Internet access met at an international conference called Gigabit Access 2018. Its purpose was to discuss the topic of providing high quality connectivity to end customers in residential homes. This is because currently, homes connected to the Internet are limited by the services of operators that guarantee connection quality only up to the point of connection. Beyond that, for example, home Wi-Fi routers of various, often questionable quality and brands are not addressed by the operators. [However, help desk phone lines are used by customers in up to 70% of situations related to problems with end-device operation. At the meeting, the operators agreed on certain changes:
bílý router

Most problems were solved after the installation of smart devices

An interesting experiment was conducted by Movistar, a Telefonica subsidiary. They had their customers install a smart router called Movistar Base and monitored the number of calls to their help desk. The results showed a 90% decrease! So
the goal was to install high-quality equipment with diagnostic capabilities for customers so that operators could easily detect the type of malfunction and repair it very quickly. At the same time, the incidence of common problems such as router malfunctions and freezes will be reduced. In this case, the operator can connect to the Movistar Base using the TR-069 protocol and configure the device after diagnosis.
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A fully automated solution is also possible in the coming months, where devices can report faults to the operator and correct them very quickly, before the customer has registered.
Some telecom operators are taking advantage of this situation to develop profitable businesses. For example, ITS Telecom offers a fee-based service called Whole Home Wi-Fi Support Plan. For less than $7 per month (about 150 CZK), customers are leased a router, called a docker, and the fee includes comprehensive technical services for both the equipment and the connection. The end network element is remotely managed by the operator, and the customer needs to do virtually nothing, not even call the help desk.