Most people spend the most time thinking about choosing the right gift when giving a gift to another person. If you really want to please them, put in the effort to make it perfect and rejoice with the recipient. It can be a real struggle to decide what to give to the father-in-law who already has everything and shouldn\’t need anything, what to give to the mother who has bought you so much but doesn\’t know what to choose, or what to give to the child who is eagerly writing down an overly long Christmas wish list.vánoční krabičky
But the first thing the recipient sees is the wrapping. And this is where many people fumble. They don\’t know how to make sure that the wrapping doesn\’t make the gift look too mundane, that the magic of the gift doesn\’t fade away.
– Regular stationery stores
– Specialized stationery stores
– Packaging material wholesalers
– Large hypermarkets
– E-shops on the Internet

In physical stores and e-shops you can choose between different types of gift packaging: 17] – Gift Boxes:– square, round, oval
– lids of the same or different colors, surface texture, shiny material
– lids of transparent material
– printed Christmas, Easter or children motifs, flowers, animals or cars
wine gift boxes:– sized according to the number of bottles to be placed inside, from 1 to 4 bottles; 4 pieces
– wine vignette with open section
– wine vignette with open section and transparent foil
gift paper:– Roll or rose sheet
– Paper or glossy colored cellophane
– Printed or plain with various themes

During the Christmas season, a hypermarket service allows you to have your gifts professionally wrapped in front of you This wrapping method is very popular among men. This wrapping method is very popular among men.
štěně s dárkem

If the gift is a fragile object such as a glass, ceramic, or porcelain figurine, you can buy so-called fine paper. It is thin, almost translucent, and comes in a variety of colors. Crumple it up, stuff it in a gift box, put the fragile gift in, and it will lie like a soft cushion. You can also buy wood wool (finely crumpled) that can be used in a similar way.39]

There are also many ways to complete the gift and decorate it with ribbon to choose from. Stores are full of ready-made ribbons in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Of course, nothing beatsfabric ribbons, whether satin, shiny or matte, in various widths, colors, printed or unprinted. They are usually sold in haberdashery, fabric, and sewing stores. Fabric ribbons make a gift stand out.