Sometimes a note in your diary or a reminder on your cell phone won\’t help. Too often, even those closest to us can push birthdays, holidays, and other anniversaries out of our minds. But even in those moments, you don\’t have to hang your head. You can still make great gifts at the last minute.
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Look online
You don\’t have to spend a long time browsing e-shops. If you are really pressed for time, your best hope is an online store with a personal collection and really fast delivery times, but don\’t risk it. If you have no idea what to buy, look to online vouchers. There are sites that bundle this type of gift and make it really easy and quick to choose. For example, many men like to drive sports cars or have a nice dinner at a fine restaurant. For those who are still hesitant, movie theater tickets are a sure bet.
Cook or bake
A good dinner can erase all wrinkles, especially a good steak. Even if you buy groceries, it takes about an hour to prepare. A simple cheese appetizer on top of the finished dish and you\’re done.
For those with dexterous hands, there are many easy variations of non-baked cakes. Often you can get by with just cookies, but the effect is guaranteed.
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Combine them all
Really remember at the last minute and don\’t have time to make all the previous variations? In that case, improvisation is necessary. Invite your partner to your favorite restaurant (ideally, reserve several options in case it gets crowded). Then you can watch a movie at one of the aforementioned cinemas or at home, and make it more enjoyable with a tickle massage. Thinking about the best gift for weeks doesn\’t quite work. The most important thing is to learn to act quickly and not throw in the towel. After all – after a great dinner, movie, or massage, no one will certainly tear your head off if you even acknowledge the color, i.e., you really forgot this important day but still tried to save it.