Do you do your best, but still feel that your apartment is not so cozy? Do you still feel like you\’re in the studio rather than at home? Do you want to turn your home into a real home? Next, you may have made one of a few common mistakes, but it\’s not hard to fix this.1

židle u kulatého stolku


Many are afraid to use their heads and think a little with their hearts. So, afraid that they do not have the proper sense to place housing, they copy the design of others. And it does not matter whether they are trying to imitate the interior that they have seen in magazines or somewhere on the Internet, or they have attracted them to friends. The problem is that in order to feel better somewhere, you need to express yourself in the interior and arrange it according to your preferences and feelings. And do not look at the fact that you do not meet the current trend at all.
květiny v kuchyni


If you still feel that the interior of the apartment is too monotonous, then you may not have tried the colors enough. In order for your home to shine, you need to brighten it with colors. But, as they say, everything should be moderately careful. Otherwise, your home may feel like a circus. To avoid this, choose some interesting, colorful pieces that will enrich your apartment. For example, unique armchairs, paintings, curtains and pillows. As soon as you put them in the space, you will see that your apartment is transparent.
klíč na provázku

Personal belongings

If you still feel that you want to visit a stranger at home, this may be due to the fact that you have not equipped your interior with personal items that will have a direct relationship. Conventional furniture and ornaments can be very beautiful, but if you really want to be at home in your apartment, you also need time to gradually arrange it with something that personifies your memories – for example, souvenirs from trips, gifts from friends and your own products. Your apartment needs to grow gradually.