Even if it seems impossible, surely you will choose the right type of lipstick for you. It is not wrong to say that choosing the right shade, type, finish, and formulation of lipstick is really difficult. But it is also hard to make a lipstick look good on you.

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But there is no need to be discouraged from the start. Just follow a few simple rules.

According to color typology

Light Types

Light types will look best with peach, light pink, or coral lipsticks. Redheads should choose lipsticks with a hint of gold.
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Dark types

If you have dark skin or hair, you should definitely try dark-toned lipsticks. Plum, chocolate, cherry red, etc.Try burgundy or deep red to see if they suit you.

Neither light nor dark

as some lucky people straddle the line between these two different looks, They may want to experiment more with raspberry, orange, and coral shades. In such cases,

Depending on the shape of the lips

the shape and fullness of the lips, lipstick must also be chosen. The shades of lipstick were briefly discussed, but of course, the finish of the lipstick must also be taken into consideration.

Full lips

The owner of full lips can afford to buy matte lipstick and even dark shades because they can afford to visually narrow their lips that are more comfortable on the lips.

Thinner lips

On the other hand, owners of narrow lips should rather choose lipsticks from shiny and bright shades. Of course, drawing the pencil slightly along the outer border of one\’s lips allows one to really see one\’s lips and allows the lipstick to serve its purpose.
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Depending on the occasion

a dark wine red lip color may look good, for example For example, a dark burgundy lip color might suit you. If it makes you feel good, great. On the other hand, remember that even if it makes you feel good, it may not be appreciated by others and may look not only eccentric but also vulgar and may not be well-liked at work, for example.

For daytime

Therefore, for daytime, a collection of more natural shades, so-called nude light shades Choose from a collection of more natural shades, so-called nude light shades. Ideally, find a lipstick that is not more than two shades darker or lighter than your own lips.

For evening

For evening, you may of course opt for bolder lipstick shades. However, one should always keep in mind that lipstick should match not only the model\’s outfit, but also her makeup. The golden rule is that if you have very bold eye makeup, you should refrain from lipstick. If the eye makeup is bland, the lipstick should be very bold and rich shades.