1. Finally get your butt off the couch
and out into the real people. For the first few minutes, you may be confused, forgetting that you can walk farther on your own feet than you can to and from the bathroom. But trust me, you will.


2. Enjoy movies on the big screen with surround sound.
There is no comparison between the screen and sound of a cell phone under your desk at school and the big screen and surround sound where you can see and hear every detail. It\’s like trying to decipher a turntable code while your classmates try to give you clues in a quiet voice. But if you say you have a big screen and surround sound at home, send me your address. I\’ll bring the popcorn.


3. Movie theaters are great places for dates.
Are you shy? Don\’t know what to say, and if you do say something, wish you hadn\’t? Go on a date to the cinema. You can get a feel for the person without making a fool of yourself. Let him choose the movie. You can see if your tastes match. Will he pay for the ticket? He doesn\’t have deep pockets. Is he dubbed or subtitled? Does he talk during the movie? Does he cry or laugh? Does he know actors, writers, directors, composers? Learn everything you need to know about him.

4. Surround yourself with people who share your interests.
Whether you are a critic of anything and everything or a dispassionate evaluator, everyone has kindred spirits in the film world. Anyone who wears a costume of a character from a movie is obviously a fan. Those who wear only T-shirts associated with the movie are also fans, but they are living in reality. The rest of us come for a simple reason: to criticize.


5. Finally, we can legally see the movie.
You will return at least some of the money taken from you by illegal downloading to the companies. And you may even be able to ease up when the police raid your home and discover your collection of thousands of burned DVDs or an endless line of external hard drives filled with illegally downloaded movies.

6. Be the first to rate the film on CSFD.
Be the first to tell your friends that it\’s not worth going to the cinema. Be the first to post a spoiler on your Facebook page. Haven\’t seen it yet?