lidé jsou od přírody xenofobní

There is no dispute that culture has a significant impact on us and our views, especially our formative years. In fact, she has a joint responsibility to form our opinion. If you take a look, you can see that members of one country are looking at certain issues in the same way. But this usually leads, among other things, to the fact that we see some of the other cultures from above, and unconsciously, we perceive them as inferior.

lidé jsou od přírody xenofobní

Of course, on the surface we can say that we respect them, but we rarely see their customs and traditions in entertainment and take them seriously. In some cases, we even blame them correctly or incorrectly. What we don\’t realize is that members of other cultures see us the same way.

But where does it come from that our path is right? It has its roots in the original reason that the culture began in the first place. This is where evolution has worked without us realizing it. Being part of it has given us a greater advantage over others – a sense of belonging and a sense of alliance.

instinkty se od této doby nezměnily

Of course, this led to the beginning of their idea of the United States vs. Them, but at the time it was justified. Hunting grounds were rare, and individual tribes protected them well. In addition, if the group had something in common, they were much stronger willing to cooperate, which was important not only in defense, but also in hunting.

Today, of course, we no longer live in tribal communities, but the old instincts remain with us. This includes the desire to be a part of the community or rejection of others. The important thing is to make this happen. In today\’s world, this attitude essentially becomes a relic that complicates our lives in the future..

Of course, the old instincts, which are deeply ingrained, can not be easily abandoned. But we should strive for this, as it became clear that it would cause far more problems than it would solve.