The African continent is the most backward region in the world. Although there are signs of a turnaround in some areas, sadly, most people in Africa live below the poverty line. It is therefore understandable that they often find escape in more remunerative activities while still requiring commitment to their livelihoods. Pirate groups, terrorist organizations, criminal organizations (drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder). All of these increase the risk of civil war, which is already high. And this will not be the first or the last. In fact, tensions are so high in some areas that they could be chopped to pieces.
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The Somali peninsula (Horn of Africa) is an example of a region where all of the above groups thrive; until 1991, a dictatorship ruled the region. The dictatorship was overthrown by local clans, who then fought for power. UN intervention failed. Thus, for decades, different groups have clashed in power struggles in the country. The formal government is out of control. Currently, it is mainly fighting militias of the Islamist organization al-Shabaab.

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The fighting is so intense that the government has no power left to control the rest of the country. As a result, there are up to three national groups and Somalia is dysfunctional. This makes life miserable for the local population, which relies on pirates, among other things, to make decent money for their families. In a world with little to lose, this is a welcome source of income
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Sudan [21].
In 2011, the Sahara Desert officially split, creating Sudan and South Sudan. This appeared to end years of ethnic conflict. These were mainly due to the fact that the “North Sudanese” are Arabs and Muslims, while the South Sudanese are Black Christians and animists. And it is still a matter of money, as South Sudan has oil reserves. But this is being redistributed because the only pipelines and oil ports are owned by Sudan. And the conspiracy is afoot. In addition, there is a civil war for power in this young state. Different tribes are fighting over both power and land. In addition, the country has suffered crop failures in previous years, which has further destabilized the country.