Everyone is looking for the best way to learn while in college. Whether to study as part of the exam period or for the state final exam. The 5P method can help students learn more effectively, so they spend less time on it, they learn more for it. What does this method actually consist of?
kniha a brýle

1. Conditions for learning

The first P is formed mainly by the environment. Therefore, in the room where you will be comfortable, there must be a place to make yourself comfortable, for example, so that you like it here and really feel good here.The room must be properly ventilated and provide high-quality lighting. Of course, the most suitable for learning is complete silence. It is also very important to sit down. Whether directly at the table or in the armchair under the lamp. Learning to lie down forces you to sleep. Prepare something small to eat and something to drink, so that you can not make excuses for needing something.
plánovací diář

2. Plan your time

In general, diaries are good for studying in college.Here we write down all the notes and deadlines. You can also create a learning plan to follow. Overall, tasks need to be classified by severity. You can use a highlighter to highlight very important and less important tasks.

3. Rest is necessary

Everyone is active at different times. So look when you learn best. Short intervals are suitable, during which, for example, fully concentrate on learning for 30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes. Do something different during the break. Go for a dog walk or wash the dishes, play your favorite song and turn it off. An integral part is getting enough sleep. Without it, learning becomes very difficult.
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4. Notes make your job much easier

Take notes while learning. For example, write down the points that you think are important. Create something like a framework. If you look at it and think about what you should say in every respect, you win. Throughout the curriculum, you extract important information and you should not forget something during the exam.

5. Memory

Repetition is also important during learning. So, before the rush of new information, always repeat the previous substance you learned, to see if you remember it. Next, pack a new teaching bag. It is also an advantage if you recite the substance aloud. On the one hand, you will learn to speak, which is the advantage of oral exams, but on the other you will remember more.