To this day, we all know the most famous aria of Rusalka. Things about the moon in the deep sky. Musically it\’s great, but logically it is… You know, the moon in the deep sky can see far away? Can she examine people\’s homes, stand for a while and chat with imaginary characters about where her beloved is? Of course, he can not. The Moon is neither a private investigator nor a creature. And such celestial bodies can not perform miracles.
rostliny měsíčku

Unlike other months. From marigolds.

Here, of course, we are not talking about space satellites, but about simple plants that have served humanity since time immemorial. And if it really works, it\’s only good if you\’re.

This yellow or orange flowering plant was in their beds, even by grandmothers who grow all sorts of roots, which were especially prosperous, before modern medicine was replaced by all the pills, injections, suppositories, vaccinations, infusions and anything I know.They still call it. And since then, even if the sea of many hours has passed, and the use of many herbs has almost or completely subsided, the marigolds are still retained and have not disappeared in the dust of oblivion.
květ měsíčku

To date, this herb is used not only once, but also in the form of ointments. Even in very mediocre cosmetics, as well as in the fight against eczema and inflammation. It also supports wound healing and works well after insect bites. Of course, you can buy such ointments for quite sinful money, but you also do not have to. All you have to do is mix the dried marigold and lard, and you have the same thing almost free of charge.

You can also make tea from the same marigolds that protect against viruses, bacteria and yeast and cleanse the digestive tract. Injections are said to help with stomach ulcers and inflammation of the digestive tract and prevent cancers of the digestive tract, breast and uterus. It helps with diarrhea and inflammation of the large intestine, and can also treat inflammation of the eyes and ears.

And if you\’re a foodie, you can treat yourself to it as a fairly common part of the meal, as a seasoning for rice, sauces, soups and dough, you can sprinkle bread with butter, as well as cakes and other desserts.

You do not need to look for such a marigold anywhere, it can grow practically anywhere.

And if you make a wreath from it and hang it on the door, it will drive away evil spirits. It is very disappointing that this does not seem to be the case. Because we will put a similar wreath everywhere, and it will soon be good in this country.