According to 2017 data from a survey of more than 1,000 respondents aged 18-70,about one in two Czechs does not save for retirement. It should be added that this group of respondents does not give much thought to this question about the future. On the other hand, other respondents are working on saving, which is certainly “credible,”in fact up to 300,000 kroner, while the rest of the respondents are saving, which is certainly “credible.

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[Those who are a few years away from retirementare more responsiblewith their savings. Another group that is more responsible is those with a college education. Among them, as many as one in five have already saved more than SEK 1 million, an amount that is certainly enough to live on after retirement. Without taking into account the possibility of interest, they can add SEK 5,000 per month from their savings to their pension for almost 17 years. The monthly “top-up” can be increased by this amount, or the period over which the money can be withdrawn can be extended. Of course, it is always better to save for contingencies,but it is definitely not worth it

to leave all the money saved in a checking account.

People have different ideas about the amount of money they need to save for retirement. The amount decreases as age increases, so that shortly before retirement, the amount is already less; people aged 60 to 70, some of whom are already retired, think they should have about SEK 830,000 saved. Before retirement, that is, in the period from 45 to 59 years of age, Czechs are even stricter, with their expectations approaching SEK 1.5 million.

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Even at different ages, people are in agreementin their ideal of saving much more than the reality. At the threshold of retirement, or at the beginning of retirement, respondents aged 60-70 see a situation where the ideal would be to have almost SEK 2 million in savings, but in reality, as already noted, they have only SEK 830,000 in savings at best. The Czechs\’ dream goal for retirement is 2.6 million kronor, but only a few are approaching that goal.