Not long ago, the naked heads of North Bohemia were chasing the local Roman group. So far, the most violent clashes between this ethnic group and the Czech nationalist branch have already sunk into the darkness of history, and today the Czech far right has a new enemy, and all this can well be attacked by dear readers, if you know what this small group is flying through. A person can even make a nice career from it, otherwise he would not have done even a hundred years, and at the same time it will not be so sacrificed.
helma bojovníka

What we have to recognize

A) No one does anything for free
B) Everyone has some intention
C) There is no ideology in the world of trade, only benefits and costs
With this in mind, there is a greater need for trade from the already burdened working class than Gottwald did in the 1950s. Let\’s see how to squeeze out even more.And the answer is absolutely clear – goods on the theme of nationalism. Anyone who has seen a gathering of like-minded individuals should know that this is an ideal opportunity to improve a bit.

The T-shirt can be made by anyone, just fabric for some crowns, print logo on it for ten crowns and make more. You put it in a box, store it and create an electronic shop for thousands that will offer the most patriotic T-shirts you can – the lion, the Czech flag, Okamura.

And such T-shirts whose production price is within 30 crowns, you sell for 150. Isn\’t that a great business plan? And you do not have to pay a penny for advertising, all you have to do is create a Facebook page and create some patriotic groups.
vlajka na ruce

Don\’t make sunny laugh!

Of course, you can do the same on the other side of the barricade, but here you have to behave a little more sophisticated, so as not to be revealed immediately Who says you can not play both sides in business? You need to do everything 2 times, and the only clue that will lead to you will be your name – but today no one is interested in it.