I remember when my partner came to me and said he wanted to buy a bike. I looked at him with my mouth gaping open and really thought that my partner was joking, that he was teasing me. What did he mean by that? Why would my partner want to buy me a motorcycle when my brother has been unable to ride one since he had two accidents and can barely ride a few meters? I told myself that he couldn\’t be serious, that this was some kind of ugly joke.

Na motorce jezděte bezpečně.

Or maybe I was dreaming. Then he said, yes, this is not a dream, I obviously want a motorcycle. I was shocked and still could not believe it, but my partner told me not to worry about it. That surprised me even more. I really couldn\’t believe it. How could he recommend a motorcycle to someone else when he had already broken his body on it and couldn\’t even ride it anymore? And when he can barely ride a bike? It was very strange. So I asked his brother, and he told me that he, too, is slowly starting to be able to ride a bike.

O partnera na motorce se bojím.

He said he had not ridden a motorcycle for two years because he was afraid. I was afraid to ride a motorcycle, because after two crashes and one out of shape, I swore to myself that I would never ride a motorcycle again. But that changed. My partner got a taste for motorcycles when he saw that his brother could ride one too. At least, that\’s what he told me. I was really shocked. I didn\’t know what to do. I could not forbid my partner to have a motorcycle. Of course he did. I hope nothing happens to anyone on a motorcycle